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Vintage Tractor Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign

Vintage Tractor Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign

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Journey back to simpler times with our Vintage Tractor Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign. Evoking memories of golden sunsets over sprawling fields and the gentle hum of hardworking machinery, this art piece perfectly captures the essence of rustic farm life.

  • Personalization: Customize with a family name, farm title, or date to celebrate cherished memories.
  • Craftsmanship: Expertly handcrafted to capture every intricate detail of vintage tractors.
  • Durability: Built from high-quality metal with a powder-coated finish for lasting beauty.
  • Ideal Gift: Perfect for farmers, vintage enthusiasts, or anyone looking to infuse a rustic touch to their space.

Item does not come with mounting hardware.

Product Dimensions (inch):

  • 12 - 11.5" x 11.25"
  • 15 - 14.5" x 14.25"
  • 18 - 17.5" x 17"
  • 24 - 23.5" x 23"
  • 30 - 29.5" x 28.75"

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